June 20, 2016

Ride or Die

Cleveland fans will “ride or die” supporting the Cavs, says Lebron James in his post game interview. He’s got that right! As a native of Cleveland, it was magical. The only way they could win would be to overcome the 3 to 1 deficit. After 52 years, that’s how it was meant to be.

The road was long for sure, but the vision was clear: bring a championship to Cleveland. Dan Gilbert’s commitment and leadership to the town and the franchise was unwavering, despite the setbacks and failures.

When time ran out and the reality hit me that they actually won, I watched the news to see how the crowds in Cleveland responded. It would have been great to be there.

Throughout the series, several people mentioned to me that if Cleveland loses there will be riots, and if Cleveland wins there will be riots. It didn’t happen. You could see the expressions of pride and joy in the crowd. They waited a long time for this.

Way to go Cleveland!

Cavs Win crowd